Collections are sets of five items that are randomly dropped by blocks and monsters. Once a player has obtained a full set from a single collection, they may trade it in for that set's reward and an increase in that set's Collection Mastery, up to a maximum level of five. Players may continue to trade in sets regardless of the level of their Collection Mastery.

Boring Collectible StuffEdit

Potential Surprise Rewards: 5 Planks, 3 Copper Ore, 3 Tin Ore, 3 Iron Ore, 3 Fire, 3 Glass, 10 Copper Shovel, 10 Copper Axe

Item Dropped By Reward
Boring Rocks

50 XP

1000 Coins

Surprise Reward!

Boring Leaves
Boring Stick
Boring Stuff
A Different Boring Stick


Item Dropped By Reward
Vile Slime

100 XP

1500 Coins

5 Energy

Big Fat Spider
Icky Slug
Nasty Earthworm
Unidentified Ooze

Piggy BankEdit

Item Dropped By Reward
Ancient Silver Coin

30 Coins

30 XP

Tons of Wood! (30 Wood)

Ancient Bronze Coin
Ancient Copper Coin
Ancient Electrum Coin
Ancient Gold Coin

Miner TroubleEdit

Item Dropped By Reward
Ketchup Covered Boot

200 XP

2000 Coins

3 Iron

3 Tin

Partially Melted Pickaxe
Scorched Overalls
Shattered Lamp
Half-Chewed Mining Hat

Mixed-Up MayorEdit

Item Dropped By Reward
Mayor's Dog

250 XP

2000 Coins

10 Energy

Mayor's Wife
Mayor's Glasses
Mayor's Mustache
Mayor's Sash

Cold as IceEdit

Item Dropped By Reward
Bat Ice Sculpture

600 XP

3500 Coins

5 Fire

5 Ice

Blob Ice Sculpture
Miner Ice Sculpture
Penguin Ice Sculpture
Swan Ice Sculpture

Lucky LootEdit

Potential Surprise Rewards: 3 Ice, 3 Copper, 3 Iron, 3 Tin, 2 Crystal, 2 Bronze, 2 Silver, 2 Platinum, 10 Copper Axe, 10 Copper Shovel, 10 Copper Axe, 10 Copper Pickaxe, 10 Copper Knife, 10 Copper Crowbar, Bomb

Item Dropped By Reward
Double Rainbow

300 XP

2500 Coins

Surprise Reward!

4 Leaf Clover
Rabbit's Foot
Shooting Star

The Dork KnightEdit

Item Dropped By Reward

350 XP

2500 Coins


Metal DetectorEdit

Item Dropped By Reward
Black Dye

400 XP

3000 Coins

3 Iron

3 Bronze

Half-Eaten Bat
Skull Chalice
Spiked Cuff
Strange Instrument

Monster HunterEdit

Item Dropped By Reward

750 XP

0 Coins

1 Blessed Mace

Blob Chunk Blob
Giant Eyeball Evil Eye
Rat Tail Rat
Skeletal Jawbone Skeleton

Open SesameEdit

Potential Surprise Rewards: Red key, Blue Key

Item Dropped By Reward
Blue Orb

500 XP

3000 Coins

Surprise Reward!

Green Orb
Red Orb
Skeleton Key Head
Skeleton Key Teeth

Super Blockio Bros.Edit

Item Dropped By Reward
Dinosaur Pal

750 XP

5000 Coins

Edible Mushroom
Fiery Flower
Golden Tiara
Power Star


Item Dropped By Reward
Girdle of Might

650 XP

3500 Coins

25 Energy

Tablets of Destiny
Pandora's Box
The Grail
Winged Sandals

Link to the FutureEdit

Item Dropped By Reward

1000 XP

5000 Coins

Obnoxious Fairy
Wooden Sword

Buried TreasureEdit

Item Dropped By Reward
Beautiful Earrings

750 XP

4000 Coins

3 Platinum

3 Ruby

Dazzling Necklace
Jeweled Bracelet
Platinum Grill
Sparkling Crown

Strange FossilsEdit

Item Dropped By Reward
Alien Intruder



Angry Monkey
Spherical Creature
Ms. Spherical Creature


Item Dropped By Reward

850 XP

4000 Coins

Faithful Dog
Flying Steed
Video Friend
Adventure Hat

Tomb RobberEdit

Item Dropped By Reward
Burial Mask

900 XP

4000 Coins

1 Emerald

1 Sapphire

Canopic Jar
Warrior Statue

Lost TechnologyEdit

Item Dropped By Reward

950 XP

4500 Coins

Surprise Reward!

Flux Capacitor

Monster DestroyerEdit

Item Dropped By Reward
Demon Horns

1500 XP

0 Coins

1 Enchanted Battle Axe

Dragon Scale
Ghost Residue
Spider Fangs
Zombie Hand